Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all Merry Christmas and the most joyous New Years….
We (both four legged and two legged) would like to thank a whole host of Angels who have supported us this year and wish them all the best this christmas and new year…… firstly the Angel who has left us, Dimos Kypraios, but is here in spirit and who is every day in our thoughts, hearts and memories ….. we miss you……
The Angels that have volunteered with us who never really leave, as something of their spirit always remains on the farm…… the Angels who are friends who get us through hard and difficult times even though we don ‘t always show how much we love them, we do ….the family angels whether blood family or soul family who remain constant and forever giving…. and finally the Angels who have contributed materially who allow us to continue….
Thank you all so much for all that you offer and give in your many and varied ways….and the biggest Thank you from all the ponies Astrapi,Alexandros, Agiro, Appollonus, Chloe,Circe, Dioni, Dias, Effie, Elpida,Evenos,Foula,Glika, Hermes, Ioli, Iffestos, Iklarus, Jasonus, Kayga, Kleo,Konis, Lianna, Lavender, Loukas, Marika, Meli, Milly, Norman, Nefeli, Orfea, Paris, Spiros, Silvia, Theodora, Tarpan, Tratulla, Victor and finally Pyros and Era….
and off course the dogs and cats xxxxx


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